PACBA was founded as a non-profit organization in Chicago on May 3, 1996.  Our accomplishments would not have been possible without the help, support, and cooperation from local, state, and federal government administrations.  With gratitude and great humility, we would like to share with you some of these achievements.


            Since its founding in 1996, PACBA has been an active member of the local as well as international community representing Polish-American contractors and small businesses all over the United States. PACBA promotes education, high quality workmanship standards, and safety in the construction industry.


            As part of our mission, we also promote American businesses in Central and Eastern Europe and provide international aid and assistance to those who are less fortunate in the form of home construction and repair. Specifically, we promote American home building systems and up to date technology in addition to encouraging new commercial contacts between European and domestic companies.


            In 1997, we organized a massive relief effort for flood victims in Poland, and donated our time to build several homes for needy families.  These homes were built using the American style of construction with all American-made materials and showcased our domestic technology.


            This major undertaking opened the door for the next major step in advancing our mission – a formal building material exposition organized in Poland called “PACBA EXPO”, which took place in 2000. With over $500,000.00 donated entirely by our members, PACBA presented over fifty American manufacturers the opportunity to exhibit and promote their products and technologies for the Central and Eastern European market. Since the EXPO was limited to American companies, it enabled the participants to establish invaluable European business contacts. PACBA never meant to profit from this venture and the only return we received on our investment was the growth of American business internationally.

The 2000 PACBA EXPO was so successful that we had another one the following year in Warsaw. As part of that exhibition, PACBA built an American model home, less than one half of a mile from the Royal Castle in the center of Warsaw to further showcase American craftsmanship and materials!


            In 2004, we decided to bring the PACBA EXPO to the United States and held our first domestic expo in Chicago, Illinois. Over seventy European companies came to exhibit their specialties and strengthen business relations even further. A unique component of this EXPO was the “Ugly Room Contest,” which asked children in the Chicagoland area to submit a picture of their bedroom to win a free makeover. In cooperation with NBC Channel 5 News, PACBA completely rebuilt one bedroom (and one third of the entire house) for two underprivileged children from one of the poorest areas of Chicago. The bedroom promoted education and security through a superior study area and interior design scheme. In January 2005, NBC Channel 5, Polvision TV, and other radio and TV stations showcased a young talented boy named George when he walked into his remodeled house and new and totally furnished room. His life was changed and his expression was remembered by hundreds of thousands of viewers.  PACBA can spread hope and have a positive influence on anyone who is ready to change for the better!


            In 2006, PACBA members met with then-Senator Barrack Obama and Senator Richard Durbin in Washington DC to discuss immigration legislation in Congress. We were united with the past President of Poland Lech Walesa, then-President Lech Kaczynski and Congressman Rahm Emmanuel to make an impact on positive changes to immigration laws.


            The following year, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Polish pioneers to Jamestown in America in October 1608,  PACBA created an incredible parade float measuring to 86’ long and 16’ wide, which was a recreation of first Jamestown Fort with a carpenters shop, glass house, and blacksmith shop. PACBA members dressed in 1608 attire and reenacted the events of that time. PACBA traveled with this float to different events in Chicago to showcase the life and work of our ancestors and wowed the participants of the Polish Constitution Day Parade. This effort was recognized by Polish American Congress-Illinois Division and awarded PACBA with its prestigious “Historic Heritage Award”!


            At the same time PACBA Members also started working on an even larger project for an amazing Chicago Charitable organization which helps provide medical treatment for sick and disabled children called the “Gift from the Heart” foundation, or ”Dar Serca”.  PACBA members volunteer time and materials to build Dar Serca’s new center and rehabilitation complex in Schiller Park, which was completed in 2009.


            PACBA has always promoted safety and protection on job sites.  In furtherance of these goals, in June 2012, PACBA entered into an Alliance Agreement with OSHA, whereby OSHA agreed to provide safety seminars for contractors. We hold 4-5 seminars annually at the Copernicus Center, and they are open to anyone free of charge.  The seminars have been successful in educating contractors about the important of construction site safety.


            Every year, our organization has a commemorating ball to celebrate hard work for the community and meet with many wonderful people who support us and our actions. Every year we celebrate with many politicians who have helped our organization to do many events creating better lives, exchanging ideas, and connecting our world.


            PACBA has always been politically involved supporting its mission and goals – the promotion of American business through non-profit activities and charity.